The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. – Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean   (3 A’s) Culture: Attitude, Attitude and Attitude. “Hire for attitude; train for skill” is a term used when searching for new employees at Virgin America. When Virgin America posts a job position, approximately 1 out of 100 candidates will have the right attitude and be offered the vacant position. You will read the
7 customer service secrets at Virgin America In this very interesting video, you will learn from the 7 customer service secrets at Virgin America. Be visible – no one wants to follow a leader they can not see Express a passion commitment – Customer service starts at the top Your companies employees are the greatest assets – If you treat your employees good they create satisfied customers and you make a profit on higher
The Change Curve The Change Curve is a simple and powerful model used to understand the different stages of personal transition and organizational change. It helps you, as a leader, predict how people will react to your changes so that you can help them implement your new CS Strategy and make their own personal transitions, and make sure that they have the help and support they need. By understanding the Change Curve you will accelerate the implementation
The Customer Journey and the Sales-and-Service process   The customer’s journey is seen from the customer’s perspective. The Sales-and-Service process is a two-part plan to handle the customer journey in a well-planned manner. The sales process has a pre-sales phase, which means the customer is looking for you to have a need fulfilled (or, in other words, to do business with you). My main point in this article is that the two-customer processes has to
Customer First! i Motormagasinet (Customer First!  book in the Automotive News I dagens udgave af Motormagasinet fortælles om min bog “Customer First”. (Today my book “Customer First” is in the national Automotive media “Motormagasinet”).
The Automotive industry is changing rapidly The automotive industry is changing rapidly in terms of service offering, financing solutions, and new technology. Bilia (listed on the Swedish stock exchange and authorized dealer and service partner of Volvo, BMW, Mini, Renault, and Dacia) is in charge of development and has begun its biggest individual venture in the company’s history. In the district of Haga Norra in Solna, 16,000 square meters are spread over six floors containing
Nordstrom is the benchmark in customer service delivery for many companies Nordstrom is a luxury department store with a decade-long reputation for excellent customer service. Nordstrom has consistently been the benchmark in excellence for their return policy, very helpful in-store staff committed to 3 A’s, (Attitude, Attitude & Attitude) and short check-out lines to eliminate waiting times, and rapid response on their customer support channels, see below. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI), Nordstrom
Volvo’s Personal Service Technician concept (PST) Volvo customers have access to a Personal Service Technician. I encountered this feature at several of their dealerships in Scandinavia. Volvo dealers have had a huge success in transforming their workshops into a PST concept, in terms of both Customer Satisfaction and turnover. The concept is very simple to understand and can be implemented without major modifications to your existing organization, but a bit of change management must be
The Customer is Always Right at Stew Leonard’s Stew Leonard’s is called the “Disneyland of Dairy Stores” by the New York Times, because of its costumed characters, scheduled entertainment, petting zoos, and animatronics throughout the stores. They have placed smiling costumed “farm animals” at their outlets to greet and entertain you, along with a very customer-oriented team, to make it a fun shopping experience.   About Stew Leonard’s Stew Leonard’s was founded in 1969 and
“Driven to Delight” Bestselling author and journalist, Joseph A. Michelli, has described in detail the turnaround of Mercedes Benz USA, in his book “Driven to Delight”. It is focused on the customer-centric transformation and ongoing customer experience strategy developed by Steve Cannon and his team. It is one of the best books I have ever read on automotive industry turnarounds, how to work with customer service, and how to achieve extremely satisfied and loyal customers.
The highest customer satisfaction scores in the fast food industry Customer satisfaction scores are in general rising in the fast food industry, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. The best of them is Chick-fil-A, a chicken sandwich chain, rated ahead of Little Caesars, Pizza Hut, and McDonalds (in the bottom of the survey) (, 2017).   About Chick-fil-A Chick-fil-A (CHIK-fil-AY, a play on the US pronunciation of “fillet”) is an American fast food restaurant
Your customers have higher expectations than ever before! Your customers compare you and your business to the excellent service experiences they had last night at their favorite restaurant or their favorite Hotel vacation. Your customers will remember their great customer experiences, “THE WOW EXPERIENCE” at their latest hotel or any other visit in any other store. If your customers are only satisfied and not extremely satisfied, they are in the middle and they have a Jeff Bezos, the founder, and CEO of has a very customer oriented customer satisfaction strategy that always puts the customer first. One of the main actions of Jeff Bezos customer first culture is a very easy-to-find email address where all customers can send an e-mail directly to Jeff Bezos telling him about their customer experience If customers are not satisfied with their business at, Jeff Bezos is not either. That is
How do you buy a Rolls-Royce? Watch the sales manager for North America and Europe, Nick Osy de Zegwaard, explaining how Rolls-Royce creates a unique and extremely personalized customer experience when selling a Rolls-Royce. Nick explains the contact points in the sales process of personalized reception of the customer, presenting the product benefits and product utility to the customer, which you will see is a very personalized customer experience as every detail of a Rolls-Rolls is
Starbucks “Green Apron Book” Starbucks has added customer service and individual customer experience to quality coffee drinking. Starbucks operates on their “Green Apron Principles”. Starbucks “Green Apron Book” is one of the first and foremost items provided to a new Barista when they start their new job at Starbucks. It is called the “Green Apron Book” because the book is so small that it fits right in the pocket of the Barista’s green apron. The
Give ‘Em the Pickle by Bob Farrell – Customer Service Training Watch how Bob Farrell builds a very simple service excellence culture with “Give ‘Em the Pickle!”  It is the small things that make big things happen. Successful satisfied employees make people happy and deliver good customers experiences! What is the extra little thing your company do to make people happy? That is the Pickle!   Buy “Learn How to Put the Customer First!” at by clicking here
The 4 keys to “Mickey Mouse” Leadership Below you can learn all about what the keys of Walt Disneys “Mickey Mouse” leadership according to Four helpful advises to think about when you develop your customer first strategy and when you want your team to follow your customer satisfaction strategy. Chase your dream: Or, as Walt Disney might have put it, “wish upon a star.” Walt wanted to entertain whole families. And he did just that better than anyone
Horst Schulze explains what it takes to deliver exceptional customer service and gets rewarded with high customer loyalty   Horst Schulze, former president and COO of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, says: “Unless you have 100% customer satisfaction—and I don’t mean that they are just satisfied, I mean that they are excited about what you are doing—you have to improve”. “And if you have 100% customer satisfaction, you have to make sure that you listen just
Customer exit interview A quick and easy way to measure the satisfaction of the customer visit is to conduct a small “exit interview”. This can be in the form of a single question to the customer prior to his leaving the dealership; i.e., “Are you satisfied with your sales/service experience today?”. For some vehicle brands, this has become an important and mandatory part of the visit. In this way, you have the customers’ opinion right
Set the direction of the extremely customer satisfaction (CS) strategy The team must have the same CS Strategy, CS Vision, CS Mission and the same ambitions to reach the CSS targets, 3-5 years from now. The team must be able to communicate, possess a winning mentality as well as the required skills and by all means have the same CS-Strategy (and CS-Strategy map, as you will learn later in “Learn how to Put the Customer
Ritz-Carlton & Autostadt in Wolfsburg In June 2000, in collaboration with the Ritz-Carlton, the Volkswagen Group established a “brand universe” park (the Autostadt) located next to their Volkswagen factory. A selection of the latest Volkswagen models is presented on the central marketplace. This was planned to introduce their customers and potential customers to all their manufacturer brands. The Volkswagen Group demonstrated their attention to customer excellence by arranging a personalized delivery of their new vehicle. About
What is the ‘’Customer Life Cycle’’? When the sales department have sold the first vehicle along with the service contract, customers must be kept in the “loop” via the service contract when the contract expires. We call it the loop because it is mandatory to keep the customer in the loop when you have invested a lot of money and man-hours to gain the customer’s business, as previously discussed. There are only two possibilities left to retain
’No one is perfect” The saying ‘’No one is perfect.’’ goes for businesses and individuals alike, there will always be mistakes to be made – even from some of the best businesses in the world. These mistakes are often found in a break of communication, this break happens on the customer-employee level in which misunderstandings lead to unsatisfied customers. What marks the difference from a normal business to a great business; however, is the ability
Good communication is the key to high performance customer focused winning teams Your team, the winning team, is the primary key to achieving a solid customer base and creating exceptional service experiences. Research shows that a team which works well and communicates successfully has a big impact on their ability to deliver good customer experiences and employee satisfaction. Secondary are the employee’s skills, intelligence and personality (which will be described later on in the book).
The measurement of Customer Experiences The CSS Survey measures the customer’s journey through the Sales-and-Service process to determine if you and your team are fulfilling the customer’s expectations. The CSS Survey also covers the vital contact points of measuring customer expectations, which are vital decisive moments of truth (MOT). You can read everything about setting up the survey in “Learn how to Put the Customer First!” Integrated Customer Loyalty Instrument (ICLI) Integrated Customer Loyalty Instrument
Characteristics of a “winning leader” The leaders of larger organizations cannot put a strong enough emphasis on the ‘’Customer First!’’ rule, this rule is often put above anything else for these companies. From a personal observation and engagement with these leaders, they exude motivation and attitudes that should be followed and copied to take the lead in the customer oriented turnaround: They build a winning team and culture, They have created a compelling ‘’Vision’’ and
Communicate a Vision statement In this post Disney Institute explains how to Communicate a Vision statement to your team. You can learn all about formulating and communication a Vision statement to your team in “Learn how to Put the Customer First!” “Of all the things I’ve done, the most vital is coordinating those who work with me and aiming their efforts at a certain goal.” – Walt Disney A recent Forbes article, “The Keys of
“The warm welcome”, “The fond farewell” and “A invitation to return” In this video from Carmin Gallo, Forbes, you can learn all about “The warm welcome”, “The fond farewell” and “A invitation to return” explainted to the employee in the credo cards worn by all Ritz-Carlton employees! First impressions are the most lasting ones therfore the “The fond farewell” and “A invitation to return” is the last fingerprint you will leave with the customer in the customer
The Customer Contact Points The Customer Contact Points refer to direct interaction between the employees and customers. It can include, for example, one-on-one communication, telephone conversations, interaction and communication through the Internet, customer events, and in-person customer support. Most automotive businesses generally know what their customer contact points are, but not all companies realize their importance! As you will see in “Learn to Put the Customer First!” in the beginning of the book (“Investments in
Why is it important to genuinely care for your people? Listen to Disney leader, Rilous Carter, as he talks about the key role all leaders should play in creating a culture of care within their own organizations. His “Take Away” is People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!   In “Learn how to Put the Customer First” you can read the full story about creating the 3 A
A-P-P-L-E Everyone knows Apple. Actually, however, it is the people behind Apple (as you will see below), who provide the interest to this story. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, created extremely successful products, which have been selling all over the world for decades. However, from the beginning, Steve Jobs focused on putting the Customer First though building relationships between Apple’s customers and employees. By focusing on Apple’s employees and their satisfaction, Steve Jobs created
 Nespresso Customer service excellence Nestle Nespresso is a company I have followed very closely as they are unique in the way they handle their customers through their customer journey and their very high level of customer satisfaction. On several occasions, I arranged meetings between the local Nespresso office team and the local dealers/importers to discuss how Nespresso served their customers, how they created customer experiences, how they handled customer reception and wait times. Watch the
Customer Convenience – The ultimate customer experience A good example of the Ultimate Customer Experience was the launch of the new BMW 7 Series, the flagship model of BMW in 2016. The 7 Series is part of BMW’s premium cars (5, 6, and 7 Series and the M-cars) where customer service is extremely important, competition is extremely hard, and customer expectations are extremely high. In terms of the luxury vehicle brands, “convenience” becomes even more is currently the world’s largest online shoe store, but they also offer clothes and accessories in their online store. Zappos is well known for their extremely satisfied customers as the company has a broad focus toward delivering good customer experiences through their innovative approach to satisfying consumers in a fast and customer-centered way. Zappos has been recognized for seven years on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For® list and has enjoyed world-class recognition
The following Case is a good exampel of how a manufacturer made a turnaround in customer saftisfaction by setting the customer first and the employee first Volvo Taps into Heritage and Service to Boost Customer Satisfaction and Employee Retention Summary Volvo automotive company was experiencing a brand identity crisis following its acquisition by The Ford Motor Company. Inconsistency with training for Volvo employees between the United States and the United Kingdom motivated Volvo Car UK Limited
The following Case is a good exampel of how a dealership made a turnaround in customer saftisfaction by setting the customer first and the employee first   To improve customer experience and help maintain its new company culture, car dealership Best Chevrolet repeatedly sends staffers for Disney Institute training. Summary Best Chevrolet, a 100-person Chevrolet dealership in Hingham, Massachusetts, has been regularly engaging Disney Institute from the mid-1990s to today in an ongoing effort to
Lexus wow their customers with a recall campaign!   Almost all vehicle manufactures have experienced that a certain number of vehicles have to be recalled and come back to dealerships and have a software update or a technical bug must be fixed. For most customers this is a dreaded vehicle recall. Normally it is only a minor spare part that needs replacement, but replacing the spare part ends up for the customer to be a
How Ritz-Carlton Puts the Customer First! A ‘’Golden Rule’’ amongst very customer oriented companies like Ritz-Carlton, is that all complaints under $500 should be handled right away, at Ritz-Carlton hotels employees even extremely encouraged to handle any customer complaints with up to $2,000 to satisfy the customer. A company should begin to think outside the box and develop creative solutions to the customer’s complaints with care, empathy, and attention. The service employees must learn to make
How Virgin America puts the Customer First! Richard Branson has a clear philosophy about his business: Take care of your people first and profits will follow (Gallo,, 2017). All Richard Bransons Virgin companies like Virgin America has focused on Customer Service and the Virgin brand’s unrivalled focus on customers and putting the Customer First. When Virgin has acquisition new companies the Virgin brand was not allowed to use until there was a certain level of
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