How to manage first impressions with your customers! (Customer Contact Points)

The Customer Contact Points

The Customer Contact Points refer to direct interaction between the employees and customers. It can include, for example, one-on-one communication, telephone conversations, interaction and communication through the Internet, customer events, and in-person customer support. Most automotive businesses generally know what their customer contact points are, but not all companies realize their importance! As you will see in “Learn to Put the Customer First!” in the beginning of the book (“Investments in Marketing”), spending is necessary to make sure you fill the sales funnel with new customer prospects

In other words, this is where your team greets the customer with a happy face and a caring hand. First impressions are remembered when we dedicate ourselves to creating extremely satisfied customers.

The way your team looks at the customer, their body language and the way they approach the customer makes the difference in terms of customer satisfaction and the evaluation of the contact points in the customer journey (From your customers point of view).

Contact Points is your opportunity to make an extremely strong relationship to your customer – to create extremely loyal customers throughout the customer life circle.

This is opportunity you can miss or catch for you and your team to go to a higher level of customer service and make extremely satisfied customers.

“SOLVE Technique”

In “Learn how to Put the Customer First!” you can learn all about the “SOLVE Technique” and how to approach customers in a new way:

    • See & Approach the customer by looking in the customer’s eyes, with a smile and open personalized attitude
    • Overview & understanding of the Customer’s needs (Offer a cup of coffee or something to eat if that is available, to open discussion)
    • Listen before moving on (use your ears more than your mouth)
    • Validate & propose a solution to the customer’s needs (by yourself or with the responsible colleague). Wow the customer with a good solution or fresh idea that exceeds expectations
    • End the conversation by shaking the customers hand, smile and express appreciation for doing business with us. (An ICLI call will follow today or tomorrow to inquire about his satisfaction with today’s visit)


First impressions are the most lasting ones and your customers will never forget it!

Another example to make strong impressions last is to ask extra questions to be sure you understand your customers, to be sure you satisfy the customers’ needs 100% every time. It makes a unique possibility to upsell and cross sell to your customers by using the 5W’s every time you meet a customer in the customer journey of your business:

❖ Who?
❖ What?
❖ When?
❖ Where?
❖ Why?

Questions used to question the customer in the sales-and-service process

❖ Who (How many will use the vehicle?)
❖ What (What will the vehicle be used for?)
❖ When (Under which conditions will the vehicle be used?)
❖ Where (How many miles is the vehicle needed a year?)
❖ Why (Any other questions, service contracts? Accessories? Used car trade in?)


Read the full story in “Learn how to Put the Customer First!”



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