How Lexus Puts the Customer First!

Lexus wow their customers with a recall campaign!


Almost all vehicle manufactures have experienced that a certain number of vehicles have to be recalled and come back to dealerships and have a software update or a technical bug must be fixed. For most customers this is a dreaded vehicle recall. Normally it is only a minor spare part that needs replacement, but replacing the spare part ends up for the customer to be a huge inconvenience, even that the replacement of the parts are free. Lexus change their approach to recalls to wow their customers. Previous recalls by Lexus had been fixed by sending their technicians to the affected customers’ private homes to help the problem right away. When the Lexus ES 350 campaign was recalled back in 2006, Lexus decided to ask the customers to come on into their local dealership and Lexus dealers prepared a surprise or wow experience for their customers. Instead of the customers sitting in the waiting facilities, waiting for their vehicles to be fixed, their customers offered a brand new Lexus luxury model instead, to spend the waiting times test-driving the new vehicles. This is a good example of how to wow the customers, create great customer experiences instead of “waiting” and create a “bad” customer experiences the customers had a great experience with the brand (Lexus) and their products. My experience is that recall campaigns handled the right way will reestablish the contact to lost customers and gives you a unique possibility to get the customer back to your facilities, get the aftermarket business of the customer and ultimately to sell the customer the next new vehicle.

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