How to make a customer journey map

The Customer Journey and the Sales-and-Service process


The customer’s journey is seen from the customer’s perspective. The Sales-and-Service process is a two-part plan to handle the customer journey in a well-planned manner. The sales process has a pre-sales phase, which means the customer is looking for you to have a need fulfilled (or, in other words, to do business with you). My main point in this article is that the two-customer processes has to be linked closely together to retain the customer for a lifetime. The connected Sales-and-Service process is explained at the end of Part 2 of my book “Learn how to Put the Customer First!” as the “The Golden Circle” (See below).

The whole idea behind working with the Sales-and-Service process is that everyone in the dealership knows exactly how to work together in a common framework as well as every part of the process framework.

It is vital to remember that we, as professional automotive organizations, must streamline the customer’s journey to reduce unnecessary time spent in process and administration and remove so-called “Pain points” for the customers. The process described in my book has been generated from observing some of the biggest vehicle organizations in the world. The main point is, that you with customer contact point define to your team, where the team has direct face-to-face or telephone contact with the customer and where the team has the possibility to directly make great customer experiences. Whereas steps in the processes, where the teamwork behind the scenes to serve the customer do require other skills from the team than involvement and empathy. By handing the customer contact points good and make Wow experiences your team secure to deliver great customer satisfaction and great customer experiences.

Use a common framework for processes

By having a common framework for processes and customer service journeys for your team, you are able to measure if the process has been followed by the team. In the chapter of mystery shopping, in “Learn how to Put the Customer First!”, I will show an additional possibility to measure processes and customer service journeys that will boost your customer satisfaction index, and make it clear to you if the customer actually was extremely satisfied in the moments of truth “MOT”.

Remember there are always ways to improve the service process throughout the customer journey. The devil lays in the detail or, ”it is all about the detail” as Walt Disney used to say.

Below is a video explaining how to create a Customer Journey Map. The Sales-and-Service process can be found in the download section and in “Learn how to Put the Customer First!” ready to implement in your automotive business.

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