How to buy your own Rolls-Royce (and learn how to deliver an excellent personal customer experience)

How do you buy a Rolls-Royce?

Watch the sales manager for North America and Europe, Nick Osy de Zegwaard, explaining how Rolls-Royce creates a unique and extremely personalized customer experience when selling a Rolls-Royce. Nick explains the contact points in the sales process of personalized reception of the customer, presenting the product benefits and product utility to the customer, which you will see is a very personalized customer experience as every detail of a Rolls-Rolls is customized. You can learn all about the sales process and the steps in the sales process in “Learn how to Put the Customer First!”.

Five golden rules for a Rolls-Royce customer relationship experience

According to Jamie Summers at “Theskillsfarm” there are five golden rules for a Rolls Royce customer relationship experience:

There is a revolution happening around you right now – have you noticed? It’s The Customer Relationship Revolution. At heart, it’s about taking what is often a critical business problem – lackluster customer satisfaction – and turning that problem on its head. It’s about equipping your people not just with the right skills but the right mindset to handle even the most difficult customer-related situation. Customer relationships are no longer a ‘problem’; they’re one of your most valuable business assets. Here are five golden rules for getting those relationships right…

Customer satisfaction is everyone’s business

“If things get tricky, I’ll leave it to the client account manager to sort it”. It’s all too easy to fall prey to this type of silo mentality. Your customers certainly do not think in terms of silos; at each and every touchpoint, those customers are forming and then constantly reassessing their impressions of you. As an example, your dedicated customer services staff may be adept at handling difficult situations – but can the same be said of front-line technicians?

In terms of who needs to be equipped to deliver the service you desire, look beyond the narrow confines of your dedicated customer services department.

It starts with you

You recognize the need for a greater emphasis on customer relationships. It’ll involve new ways of doing things – and perhaps even a complete cultural shift. Yet unless you can inspire your team, achieving buy-in is going to be an uphill struggle.

Communication, motivation, the delegation – and the ability to set out a clear vision: all of these are crucial. Thankfully, all of these skills can be learned and developed.

Make it genuine

Check out passenger satisfaction surveys for US airlines and Southwest routinely comes top. Their customer service and friendly attendants are legendary in the industry.

So if you want to recreate something similar in your business, how would you go about it? Giving your staff a script and instructing them to ‘smile more’ isn’t the answer. It has to be genuine – and for this, you need to encourage the development of the right mindset. The airline puts its success down to treating its employees right, so in turn, they treat the customers right. There are three elements to this: the right leadership, empowering your staff through the right training – as well as recognizing and celebrating those staff who deliver the goods.

Pre-empt. Exceed. Delight.

Last year, a customer in Starbucks was given a handwritten note by his usual barista. The note informed him that the barista had been learning sign language “just so you can have the same experience as everyone else”. Without any prompting, the employee had gone out of her way in her own time to do this – and needless to say, the incident attracted worldwide attention.

You’re not going to stand out or prompt recommendations by merely doing “exactly what it says on the tin”. The mere transaction isn’t going to prompt customers to refer their friends or family to you. The relationship might, though. If you can learn how to pre-empt, exceed and delight, you’re well on the way to a fruitful relationship.

Nurture your customer service heroes

Too often, customer service staff are simply left to get on with it. They are shown the ropes in a rather rudimentary way and are expected to pick up the rest through what is essentially a process of trial and error. You wouldn’t do this with your technical staff – so why do it with your customer service heroes? Make sure they are equipped with the skills they need.

Don’t be the ones getting left behind, be a revolutionary and equip your people with the skills they need to fly the flag of customer service that is in a class of its own.



Learn all about the sales process and personalized reception of the customer, presenting the product benefits and product utility to the customer in “Learn how to Put the Customer First!”

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