How Richard Branson creates customer excellence (watch Richard Branson reveals his 7 customer service secrets)

7 customer service secrets at Virgin America

In this very interesting video, you will learn from the 7 customer service secrets at Virgin America.

  1. Be visible – no one wants to follow a leader they can not see
  2. Express a passion commitment – Customer service starts at the top
  3. Your companies employees are the greatest assets – If you treat your employees good they create satisfied customers and you make a profit on higher customer loyalty
  4. Hire for attitude – train for skills
  5. Empower your employees to make every customer experience great – let them use their imagination and creativity to solve problems (use good judgment in all situations they say at Nordstrom’s)
  6. Engage on social media with a genuine voice – have an authentic voice by making y0ur tweeds or communication by yourself like Richard Branson (Virgin America responds to all comments and questions on Twitter)
  7. Have fun – do not take yourself too seriously. If you do not have fun neither will your employees – and your customers will notice!

The customer experience is everything!


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