How Jeff Bezos,, handles all customer complaints and comments from his email address

Jeff Bezos, the founder, and CEO of has a very customer oriented customer satisfaction strategy that always puts the customer first. One of the main actions of Jeff Bezos customer first culture is a very easy-to-find email address where all customers can send an e-mail directly to Jeff Bezos telling him about their customer experience

If customers are not satisfied with their business at, Jeff Bezos is not either. That is why Jeff Bezos e-mail style is different from other top leaders as Jeff Bezos easy-to-find email address is everywhere at website and everywhere else on the internet:

The question mark “?”

When an unhappy customer complaint about a customer experience directly to Jeff Bezos, he forward the mail to the appropriate employee to have the issue solved within a few hours. Jeff Bezos only ads a question mark “?” to the email. When the employee receives one of these e-mails they get on ”high alert” to solve the issue with the responsible manager. A higher-ranking manager reviews the employee’s solution before the answer, with an appropriate solution to the customer, is presented to Jeff Bezos himself.

The customer e-mails “?”, are Jeff Bezos’s way of ensuring that the customer is always put first and the voice of the customer is constantly heard inside the company.

In the video below you can learn from Jeff Bezos, how he build one of the most customers orienteered cultures of the world in

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