How Bilia puts the Customer First!

How Bilia puts the Customer First!

The Automotive industry is changing rapidly

The automotive industry is changing rapidly in terms of service offering, financing solutions, and new technology. Bilia (listed on the Swedish stock exchange and authorized dealer and service partner of Volvo, BMW, Mini, Renault, and Dacia) is in charge of development and has begun its biggest individual venture in the company’s history.

In the district of Haga Norra in Solna, 16,000 square meters are spread over six floors containing showrooms, service centers, offices together with other commerce, restaurants, and 70’s new apartments. Bilia has had a sales and service facility in the district since 1973. It has looked like many similar facilities around Sweden, often located on an industrial site and adjacent to large areas for parked cars.

The new facility will be fully integrated into the neighborhood

– That was then. Our new facility will be fully integrated into the neighborhood that is about to emerge. Cars obviously have their natural location here too, but all activities will be conducted within our premises. Customers will drive directly into our car hall, regardless of whether the visit involves servicing the car or looking at a new model. No cars will be placed on the street because we have access to over a thousand indoor parking spaces, “said Per Avander, CEO of Bilia AB in a press release.
The fact that Bilia has strong links with Volvo is also confirmed by this venture as the company now opens a showroom for Volvo Cars, focusing on how tomorrow’s customers want to trade their car.
“It is amazingly fun that Bilia chooses to remain in Haga North, which will be a central knot in Solna and an integral part of the new district that will emerge. It follows Volvo Cars’ strategy to meet our customers where they want to meet us, “said Kristian Elvefors, CEO of Volvo Car Sweden.
Volvo Cars, as well as Renault and Dacia, will be represented in two separate, modern and unique showrooms with the latest digital solutions. The target is a new car sales of approximately 4,000 cars per year. But even used cars will have their own hall and Bilia expects to sell 2,500 used cars a year.


Bilia New Haga North
Full-service facility with showroom, office, service and damage center, tire hotel and more
Area: 16,000 sq.m. spread over six floors
Project cost: SEK 1.1 billion and SEK 200 million for own equipment
Number of employees: 235
Number of customers: 63,000
Number of parking spaces indoors: 1,020
Target new car sales: 4,000
Target sales: 2 500
Projection time: 2018-2022


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