How BMW Puts the Customer First!

Customer Convenience – The ultimate customer experience

A good example of the Ultimate Customer Experience was the launch of the new BMW 7 Series, the flagship model of BMW in 2016. The 7 Series is part of BMW’s premium cars (5, 6, and 7 Series and the M-cars) where customer service is extremely important, competition is extremely hard, and customer expectations are extremely high.

In terms of the luxury vehicle brands, “convenience” becomes even more important to achieve extremely satisfied customers. A concept that is brought forth by Lexus is that price is not the most important factor for consumers purchasing a luxury product, customer convenience is.

Customers who intend to buy a BMW 7 Series do not paying the price for such as car as they know it will exceed their expectations, not only in terms of customer experience but also in convenience.

To this group of buyers, time is more important than money. I figured out the following concept for the New BMW 7 customers:

BMW 7 Series all-inclusive Package

When the customer buys a new BMW 7 Series, the customer buys an all-inclusive Package including (only valid for some markets):

  • The vehicle (model, etc. as specified by customer)
  • Financing
  • Insurance
  • Service contracts (all services, including 5 year)
  • Extended warranty (5 year)
  • Summer/winter tires and tire rotations (twice a year)
  • Pick-up service for shop visits. (The dealer picks up the customer’s vehicle whenever it needs service or repair. The vehicle notifies the dealer automatically via telematics)
  • Free courtesy vehicle (minimum a BMW 5 Series) brought to the customer. The dealer takes the BMW 7 Series to the dealership and brings it back after servicing
  • Concierge service. Customer can call 24/7 with questions regarding his new vehicle and a product “genius” will answer the phone and help. In some markets concierge service is even more advanced with restaurant bookings, concert tickets, and much more.


This All-Inclusive Package essentially means that the customer only has to buy the vehicle, the dealer will handle everything else for the customer for the next 5 years. This is a good example of the ‘’Ultimate Service Experience’’; an individually bundled product, where you exceed customer expectations with great customer experiences, extremely high customer satisfaction, extremely high customer loyalty, and extremely high profit.

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