This book contains the best practices and examples from the 24 best worldwide companies within customer experiences:, Apple, The Beaumont Hotel, Chick-Fil-A, Costco, Eleven Madison Park, Lexus, Marriot, Mercedes Benz USA, Nespresso, Nordstrom, Ritz-Carlton, Pike Place Fish Market, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, Stew Leonard’s, Tesla, Toyota, Trader Joe’s, Virgin America, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Zane’s Cycles & Zappos.


A Look Inside “Learn How to Put the Customer First!’’:

Throughout ‘’Learn How to Put the Customer First!’’ there are numerous of lessons, these experiences are what Mogens Christiansen has learned through the years in the Automotive industry. The details of the experiences are explained in a way that you can incorporate them in your own business, for a complete turnaround in terms of customer experiences. ‘’Learn How to Put the Customer First!’’ provides a strong, comprehensive overview on how to execute, build, and implement a successful customer satisfaction program in the automotive industry. There are full, extensive, and elaborate examples for practical hands-on lessons that are easy to implement for the business.

‘’Learn How to Put the Customer First!’’ uses insights from other organizations, practical examples based on experience in the Sales-and-Service Process. We will examine in-depth business questions, and such inquiries; if handled wrong, can make or break an automotive dealer. ‘’Learn How to Put the Customer First!’’ guides you through a step by step process of spreading a new ‘’Customer First’’ outlook for your customers, building a customer satisfaction strategy, and subsequently implementing the strategy with all Sales-and-Service processes is what is necessary for the business. It also goes through the process of hiring employees with the right attitude, so they can be formed into the perfect high performance team. This allows the development of employees of the business to be a ‘’high performance team’’, the team has the right framework from other notable businesses/organizations in the automotive industry. Mogens Christiansen’s ‘’Customer First Wheel’’ and other models in ‘’Learn How to Put the Customer First!’’ are bullet proof as they has been implemented at organizations such as BMW, Mini, Volkswagen, Audi, Škoda, Seat, and Nissan. These businesses all have huge success in customer experiences, as well as a dramatic rise in customer satisfaction evaluations from the brand’s customers due to the usage of these models.


About the Author

Mogens Christiansen is author and keynote speaker in the fields of customer experiences, customer journey mapping, and customer service behavior. Mogens Christiansen was educated at Insead Business School, and professors related to Insead have been involved in developing models in the book. Mogens also holds a M.Sc. masters degree from Copenhagen Business School. Currently, Mogens is Market Director in Northern Europe at CNHi, and member of the Board of Dealerships, and Strategic Advisor to Automotive Dealerships, where his knowledge is highly valued. His Customer Satisfaction Strategy has been successfully implemented by many organizations with the end result of achieving extremely high customer satisfaction. Mogens Christiansen has been working his entire life within the automotive industry for companies like: BMW, Mini, Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini, Nissan, Toyota and Ford in delivering the best possible customer service and experience, motivating big dealerships and importers and teams to do their utmost for serving customers and having extremely high customer satisfaction.


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